Increase your performance in bed 😏

Our Delay Spray is easy to use and effective. Simply apply it and have longer and better sex - it is that simple!

Delay Spray that Works 💪

Finishing too early? Match your partner’s energy in bed with our Delay Spray. It helps you last 5x longer and brings you the satisfaction you look forward to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simply spray directly onto the penis, focusing on the head and shaft and enjoy longer performance. The lidocaine in the spray will numb the area, making it less sensitive but still giving you the same enjoyable experience during sex. Just longer.

Effects begin within 5-10 minutes. Apply 2-3 sprays (maximum 5 sprays).

Is it effective?

Yes, it enhances control over ejaculation for up to 1 hour.

It's supported by clinical trials showing improved sexual performance with only very few exceptions.

Is the spray safe?

As with all products that touch your body, if you are concerned you should talk to a doctor.

Not for use with broken skin, or by those with liver conditions.

Can I use it with condoms or lubricants?

Yes, the product is compatible with latex condoms and lubricants. Apply and allow to dry before putting on a condom or applying lubricant.